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Incase you couldn't tell from my previous post, people who aren't on my friends list, tough snoogins, Josh was home again last weekend. But I'm not going into that.

Adam visiting was awesome, we had a good time. I was kinda boring and sickly on Saturday, but livened up a bit at night. After Adam left I went up and played four swords like all day up at Fairfield. That was fun. Been doing that alot, playing Zelda Four Swords. It's a pretty fun game but the guys are horrible treasure whores. Ah well. It's pretty fun anyway. Luke and I hung out on the roof for awhile every few nights that was fun. Lots of talking. Not much else new really.

Bought new game, ICO, it's pretty fun. All puzzle-y and stuff. Except the crazy white bitch gets annoying.
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