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Thunacme is up in a huge twist because two oversensitive people think that making a few jokes about pediophilia is the ultimate sin. People just can't seem to understand the "It's a joke, get over it, don't read it, quit whinning" plan that would solve the whole thing. I'm getting a massive kick out of the whole thing because it's so goddamn funny.

Other than that, life has been quiet. We played drinking games on Saturday. Learned things about people that were...interesting. I'm just the young innocent person in that group. The group was me, Liz, Biggie, Al and Luke. Except Luke passed out pretty quickly. The games got pretty sexist sided. aka Liz and I made the boys grab their balls when they had to drink, the boys made us grab our boobs when we had to drink. How typical. Fun times though. Liz has the best fake orgasm moans out of all of us.

Um...played more Zelda....when to Dairy Queen....not much else.
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