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In Hali....

Got about an hour of sleep. Thank you Insomnia, up at 8. Played Animal Crossing until Josh came to pick me up. His mum and her friend Kathy took us for pie for breakfast in Grand Pre, then headed to Hali. Loitered at mountain equipment co-op FOREVER because Josh shops like women. Then we went around a few more places, and tried to get ahold of double down, which was impossible for the time being. Lunch, when to shopping mall thing. I got new shoes (oh thank god finally), Modest Mouse CD, and the Ghost world DVD. Finally got ahold of double down, took the bus from there to here. Hung out, when on adventures. Goodtimes so far.

p.s. We got Wendy's mmmmmm!!!!!

Josh and DD are asshole who fall asleep early like pansies.
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