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So the Fairfield guys and I decided to go tubing today. That was an adventure and a half. The water was wicked low, so we would constantly get stuck in places, and have to walk or whatever. So I'm pretty banged up, but it was fun. I won at the tubing because I'm smallest and could float over more swallow bits then Luke or Mark, Bliggers was a solid second at tubing. heeheehee. I saw a beaver, that was cool.

Went back, ordered pizza, hung out. All and all a good time.

As for the uber gayness of the Kayte drama, I'm going to be the bigger person and just quit. I'm done, post all the shit you want on your LJ Kayte, I don't care. It won't get a reply post in my own. You spam my Thunacme boards and it will be deleted without warning from now on. The rest of my LJ friends don't need to hear about this gay shit. Done and Done, *wipes hands*
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