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Well, I'm home from Hali. The kegger was a BLAST!!! I got hit on by some creepy Iranian coke fiend. Josh rescued me though. It's really hard to tell some guy who BARELY speaks english to leave you alone, especially after a few visits to the keg. Ya, there was a ridiculous amount of beer like one HUGE MaClays keg and a smaller Sleeman Honey Brown. Delicious.

Home is nice, I need a few quiet days to recover. I have a job interview tomorrow. Yay! *fingers crossed*

So I barely read Thunacme now because it's wicked gay. Especially when some fat bitch who has spent her entire university career on academic probation tries to call YOU dumb. I only scan it when I'm bored, and to clear out the crap on my boards, and occasionally deal with the bullshit. The politics and drama are fucked up and old. Better message boards are in my future.

I bought groceries, Prince of Persia for Gamecube (25 bucks at Econo! YAY!), and a backgammon board. I taught Luke earlier. Double Down got me hooked on backgammon. It's nice to just chill and play a board game, haven't done it in SOOOOO long!! It was goodtimes playing it on DD's porch all the time.
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