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I'm special in the short bus way!

I ride the short bus to school

15 August
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"your mom", 'giv'r', acadia, acadia university, accents, action figures, afi, alcohol, alexisonfire, alice in wonderland, ama alice, andy serkis, anti-christmas, anti-depressants, anti-flag, aragorn, atmoi, bad religion, band, beer, big pants, billy boyd, boy meets boy, brad dourif, brad pitt, caffiene, caffiene pills, calgary flames, care bears, chase court, chasing amy, chicago, chocolate, chuck palahniuk, clockwork orange, computer games, conan o'brian, cynicism, david bowie, dead kennedys, diablo ii, diet coke, disney, disturbed, dominic monaghan, domlijah, donnie darko, douglas coupland, downhill skiing, dvds, eddie izzard, edward norton, elijah wood, elves, empire records, eomer, fantasy, fight club, flute, fubar, full metal jacket, futurama, gamecube, ghost world, glamour lust, gollum, green velvet, grima wormtounge, gutter minds, heavy metal, hobbits, house of 1000 corpses, hyperness, ian mckellan, icewind dale ii, iggy pop, insanity, jay and silent bob, jazz, joel plaskett, john cleese, johnny depp, karl urban, kevin smith, kingdom hearts, kitty hair, korn, laptops, lawn gnomes, legolas, lilo and stitch, lord of the rings, luigi, malcom macdowell, mallrats, mario, modest mouse, moulin rouge, muse, music, musicals, musicians, neverwinter nights, nightmare before christmas, nintendo, non-comformity, nonsense, orlando bloom, phantom of the opera, philosophy, piccolo, pink flamingoes, placebo, plaid, powerman 5000, ps2, punk music, random adventures, rocky horror picture show, rojo, role playing, russian composers, samwise gamgee, sarcasm, scruff, sean astin, ska, slash, smeagol, snowblading, south park, taproot, techno music, the 80's, the dears, the delegates, the mars volta, the shining, the two towers, tiger army, trainspotting, tyler durden, valley punk scene, velvet goldmine, viggo mortensen, wake-ups, web comics, will ferrell, wintersleep